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nomination and wi●ll be crucial in th◆e general elec■tion.Senat●ors Kamala Harr●is of Cali◆fornia and Cory Boo■ker of New ◆Jersey said ●the party ○has someti●mes come up shor〓t in its outreach t●o bla

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nt to ge●t the vote ○but just haven't ○been there before●."Booker declared, ●"Black voters are p○issed off, and t●hey're wor○ried."In t◆he moderators●' chairs we■re four women, i●ncluding Ra〓chel Maddo

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w, M■SNBC's liber●al darling, and ■Ashley Parker, a Wh■ite House repor◆ter for The W●ashington Post. It w◆as only th■e third time a p■rimary debate h○as been hosted by ◆an all-female p◆anel.Buttigieg〓 — w○ho was a nat○ural target given ●his recent ris◆e in the polls ●to join Biden,○ Warren and Sanders◆ among the c●rowded fie◆ld's front-■runners — was● asked earl■y about ho〓w being mayor of ●a city of 100,000 r●esidents qualified■ him for the W●hite House."I know t●hat from the persp●ective of Was〓hington, what g

e same polit■ical dividend〓. That's esp■ecially true after D●emocrats won ele?/strong>
  • 餭tions earlier this◆ month in ●Kentucky and Virg○inia withou〓t embracin■g th
  • e program.●"We must get◆ our fired-up Democr○atic base with■ us," said Se●nator Amy Klob◆uch
  • ar of M〓innesota. "But l○et's also get■ those independ〓ents and modera●te Republican■s who canno●t

○oes on in my ci●ty might look ■small," Butt〓igieg said. "But 〓frankly, w◆here we liv〓e, the infighting● on Capitol ●Hill is wha◆t looks small."Klo〓buchar argued that◆ she has more e●xperience enacting l●egislation ●and suggested ◆that women in ◆politics are〓 held to a higher〓 standard.◆"Other

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wise we could◆ play a ga◆me called 'Name y●our favorit●e woman pr●esident,' whi◆ch we can't do b●ecause it has a〓ll been men," ○she said.Another● memorable exchang◆e occurred when B〓iden — who did

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◆n't face any● real attacks from ●his rivals &m〓dash; was ○asked about curbi●ng violence against◆ women and respon○ded awkwardl◆y."We have to ju○st change the● culture," he said.〓 "And keep punching ■a

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t it. And punching ◆at it. And punching● at it."Ha◆rris scrapped wit●h another low poll●ing candidate: ●Hawaii Rep. Tulsi ■Gabbard, who ●has criticize◆d prominen●t Democrats,〓 including 2■016 nominee Hi

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llary 〓Clinton."I think tha◆t it's unfort●unate that we ■have someone o■n the stage ●who is attempti◆ng to be the Democr○atic nominee for○ the presid〓ent of the United St●ates who duri○ng the Obama adm?/p> tic 〓debate

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